Staff & Committees

Staff & Committees


The dedicated staff, Board of Directors and Wives Committee along with our volunteers and supporters work to further the mission of UMPS CARE Charities: to provide financial, in-kind and emotional support for America’s youth and families in need.


Jennifer Skolochenko-Platt, Executive Director

Jennifer Jopling, Program Director

Amy Rosewater, Marketing Manager

Board of Directors

  • Gary Darling, President
  • Jim Reynolds, Secretary
  • Glenn Miller, Treasurer
  • James Bowman
  • Samuel Dearth
  • ​​Paul Emmel
  • ​Chris Guccione
  • Marvin Hudson
  • Keith Kemph
  • Scott Kennedy
  • Dan McGinnis
  • Tim Timmons
  • Caroline Williams
  • Larry Young

Volunteer Wives Committee

  • Nicola Johnson
  • ​​Deanna Reynolds
  • Marisa Danley
  • Allie Porter
  • ​Tina Estabrook
  • Cheryl Barrett
  • Tina Barrett
  • Marie Carlson
  • Cheri Darling
  • Danna Gibson
  • Amy Guccione
  • Sherry Hudson
  • Staci Marquez
  • Leslie Timmons