UMPS CARE Charities, the official philanthropy of the Major League Baseball Umpires, is proud to have delivered 100 Build-A-Bear® furry friends and outfits today to young patients undergoing medical treatment at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston. Before they head out to Spring Training, local MLB Umpires wanted to deliver a little bit of love to kids in the hospital.

Including today’s delivery of 100 Build-A-Bear® stuffed toys, the umpires also provided 100 outfits for the furry friends, baseball-themed activity books, crafts and more to young patients and their caregivers who need something special on Valentine’s Day.

“All of us at UMPS CARE Charities are so grateful that our longtime collaborators at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital have made this event possible,” said Jennifer Skolochenko-Platt, Executive Director at UMPS CARE Charities. “Who doesn’t want to feel the love on Valentine’s Day – so many of these young patients miss out on so much, and the Major League Baseball Umpires are thrilled they had a chance to brighten some spirits and bring smiles to the faces of these kiddos.” 

This visit to Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital marks the 209th delivery of Build-A-Bear® furry friends that UMPS CARE Charities since the program was created in 2006. Including the visit today, UMPS CARE has now delivered more than 21,265 Build-A-Bear® stuffed toys to children in hospitals across the country and in Canada.

Build-A-Bear furry friends delivered to kids in hospitals since 2006!

Who doesn’t want to feel the love on Valentine’s Day?

UMPS CARE Charities Executive Director Jennifer Skolochenko-Platt