Major League Baseball umpires James Hoye (left) and Mark Wegner (right) deliver Build-A-Bear joy to patients in their home state of Florida. 

Major League Baseball umpires Mark Wegner and James Hoye and along with volunteers from Huron Consulting Group, to deliver 100 Build-A-Bear® furry friends, outfits, activity books and more to young patients undergoing treatment at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in Florida.

This delivery at Johns Hopkins All Children’s marked our 207th visit to a children’s hospital since Major League Baseball umpires started their visits back in 2006.

With this visit, UMPS CARE is proud to share that we have delivered 21,965 Build-A-Bear® furry friends to children undergoing medical treatment in pediatric hospitals across the country and in Canada.

All of us at UMPS CARE are grateful to board member Nicci Bengtson and her fellow volunteers from Huron Consulting Group who provided financial and volunteer support to make this visit possible.

Special thanks to photographer Natalie White for capturing so many special moments from the day!