Since just about the beginning of time, mankind has made resolutions. Do better, go bigger, succeed more. The tradition nowadays, of course, is to make them at the New Year; umpires are no different than the rest of us, so we asked a small selection what their New Year’s Resolutions are. The answers likely look familiar:

  • To work out more, golf better, catch a few more fish, and enjoy life

  • Continue to spend more time with family

  • Be more patient with others, listen more, and talk less

  • I don't make any

  • I don't really make a resolution but I guess I kind of remind myself to be the best dad I can be and try and put a smile on someone's face on a daily basis

One of the main goals of UMPS CARE Charities is to put a smile on the faces of the kids we visit with. Thank you to all our supporters for everything you do for helping us make sure that resolution is something we can easily keep. – See more at: 2015 Edition