At UMPS CARE Charities, we celebrate giving all year long. 

But at this time of year, we feel the spirit of giving even more. 

One of the most rewarding programs we provide at UMPS CARE is our All-Star College Scholarship Program as it truly changes the lives of the recipients. UMPS CARE provides college scholarships – up to $40,000 per student – to children adopted later in life so they can attend college. In addition to the financial support, the MLB Umpires bring the recipients into the UMPS CARE family. Umpires provide mentorship and support throughout the student's college journey and beyond to ensure lifelong success. Since this program's inception, UMPS CARE has provided nearly $200.000 in college scholarships for children adopted later in life. 

We are so proud of our newest college scholarship winner, Vitalik Walle, who was adopted at the age of 15 after spending most of his life in an orphanage in Ukraine. He is now enrolled at Colorado Christian University and is interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement. 

Learn more about Vitalik and our All-Star College Scholarship Program in this great segment which aired on CBS in Denver. Thanks to reporter Andrea Flores for taking time to tell this story in such a heartfelt way.

Please consider donating to UMPS CARE during this season of giving.