This Thanksgiving, we thank our volunteers!

At UMPS CARE Charities, we are proud to share some special milestones: 

  • We delivered our 20,000th Build-A-Bear stuffed toy to a patient in a pediatric hospital this year!
  • We celebrated that we have invited more than 9,000 visitors to VIP experiences at ballparks! 
  • Our Official Leadership Program is growing leaps and bounds, expanding into new markets like Phoenix, Chicago, Cincinnati, San Bernardino and others!
  • We have two more All-Star College Scholarship recipients in our rotation thanks to continued support from Deloitte and new sponsor, the Marcum Foundation. 

But the most exciting number we wanted to share is this: 4,523!

That is the number of VOLUNTEER HOURS this year alone from our amazing crew of volunteers. Through all of last year, our volunteers amassed 4,650 hours. We are on track to have a record year from our volunteers this year! 

We are grateful to every volunteer who woke up before daybreak to help set up a golf tournament or stuffed goody bags for kids in the hospital or assisted with our annual online auction. 

We aare also proud to share that every MLB umpire crew and every Triple-A crew volunteered time with our programs! 

YOU are the glue that makes this operation run! 

This Thanksgiving, we celebrate all of YOU!