On the same day that Seattle’s Mike Muchlinski was working behind home plate in Game 6 of the World Series, UMPS CARE was lifting the spirits of young patients undergoing treatment at Seattle Children’s.

The timing was incredible, as Mike has been a strong supporter of UMPS CARE, and he, along with fellow MLB Umpires Tripp Gibson and Quinn Wolcott, have raised thousands of dollars in funding for these hospital visits in their hometown of Seattle.

UMPS CARE sent 100 Build-A-Bear® stuffed toys, outfits and more to kids at Seattle Children’s. In pre-pandemic times, our umpires take time out to visit the kids in person, but COVID restrictions have not permitted that. Still, our umpires did not want these children to be forgotten, and we have continued to deliver plenty of smiles and a dose of hope across the nation.

To date, UMPS CARE has delivered more than 18,000 furry friends to kids undergoing medical treatment at pediatric hospitals across the country and in Canada.

“All of us at UMPS CARE Charities are so grateful to our partners at Seattle Children’s, who have made this event possible during these challenging times,” said Jennifer Skolochenko-Platt, Executive Director at UMPS CARE Charities. “Our goal is to deliver some smiles to kids who need them most.”

This visit to Seattle Children’s marks the sixth visit UMPS CARE Charities has made this year and our 179th hospital visit since the program began back in 2006. For information about potentially planning or sponsoring a hospital program, please contact Jennifer Skolochenko-Platt at Jenn@UmpsCare.com.

UMPS CARE Charities wishes to thank our partners at Bristol Myers Squibb for their financial and volunteer support for this event.

Major League umpires (L to R) Marty Foster, Mark Wegner and Mike Muchlinski say hello to Christian West (10) with stuffed animals during a visit in 2015. Photo by Bill Greenblatt/UPI