UMPS CARE Charities Family Care Program

The UMPS CARE Charities Family Care Program was established to provide short-term financial assistance to former professional baseball umpires who have fallen on hard times but has grown to include members of the “baseball family“.

Umpires of all levels are welcome to nominate other umpires whose families are experiencing financial or medical hardships. The UMPS CARE Partners Board will review the requests on a monthly basis as they come in.

As part of the umpiring community, UMPS CARE believes in supporting umpires and their families through challenging times because all umpires know that “helping people is an easy call”.

Application Requirements:


In order to nominate someone you must be an active umpire


The person you are nominating must be an umpire


Nominee must be based in the United States or Canada


If you have any questions or concerns on if you qualify for our family care program, contact us and we will answer your questions.