Game Day Info & FAQs

Instructions and Event Notes

(For Confirmed Groups Only)

Please avoid selecting participants who pose a high “no-show” risk. Red flags include participants who have failed to show up at past events.
You will receive Game Day Instructions on the Tuesday prior to your scheduled game. Game Day Instructions include complete details for picking up your tickets and meet-and-greet details.
Please take note of the form deadline. Click button below to complete the form on or before the deadline. We ask participants to sign the photo consent form so we can put program photos in our promotional materials.


Please understand that you must arrive on time and be in the correct location for this event to take place. NO EXCEPTIONS can be made. You should account for traffic delays as well as additional time required for parking and locating the arrival location. If it becomes apparent that you will be late, please contact UMPS CARE Charities so that we may inform the ball club. If you do not receive an answer, please notify the ball club contact directly.


UMPS CARE Charities is the administrator for this baseball experience and should be contacted for all matters. The ball club contact should only be consulted on game day when UMPS CARE Charities cannot be reached.

UMPS CARE Charities
Amy Rosewater at 443-465-0192
UMPS CARE Charities
Jennifer Jopling at 801-599-1706


Below are some frequently asked questions.

What if it is raining on game day?

As long as the game is not cancelled, the meet-and-greet will happen at the time indicated on these Game Day Instructions.

When do I receive the goody bags?
Unless communicated otherwise, goody bags are shipped to the ball club and you will receive them before your meet-and-greet.
What is in each goody bag?
Peanuts, sunflower seeds, gum, hats, and $10 cash for food/drink. Each guest receives his or her own goody bag. Umpires will bring a baseball out for each youth.
May we ask for player autographs during the meet-and-greet?
Please refrain from asking for player autographs on the field (this includes asking a player directly or asking an umpire to get an autograph from a player).
Where are my seats located?
The baseball club assigns your seating location. Seat location will not be known until you receive your tickets at the ballpark.
May I purchase an additional ticket for the game for a friend or family member to attend as well?
Due to the unique nature of the program, additional seating may not be purchased through UMPS CARE Charities. Furthermore, only guests listed on the first page of this form will be permitted to attend the meet-and-greet component of this program.
I would like to send an e-mail to thank the umpires and club personnel. Who do I send e-mails to?
Please send all feedback, photos and emails of appreciation to Jennifer Jopling at Send all letters to UMPS CARE Charities at 4185 Carvel Lane, Edgewater, MD 21037.
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For Additional Game Day Instructions:
Contact: Amy Rosewater, Marketing Manager
Phone: 443-465-0192